Çaltekin is a full-service law firm located in Istanbul, Turkey.  We provide legal services in a wide range of areas of law for domestic and international companies, financial institutions and individuals. We represent and advise our clients in domestic and cross-border transactions.

We have a robust corporate practice and a centre of excellence in dispute resolution. Our team is comprised of attorneys, counsellors, interns and administrative staff who are committed to providing our clients with sector-specific expertise and the high quality legal practices.

Çaltekin pays close attention to developing business environment, changes in the legislation and other relevant developments, and provides prescient, efficient and practical legal solutions to its clients by placing special emphases on quick and effective communication.

Our Mission                                                                                                                        

In today?s business world, the legal problems have varied due to the complex business transactions and the changes in the societies. We believe that the best legal actions are to take all necessary measures, to restrain the adverse cases from rising and to prevent any potential mistakes; before the problems occur. The most effective way to achieve this is getting accurate legal services.

In this context, Çaltekin?s mission is to enlighten its clients in advance, on the potential legal issues and to provide necessary legal support, in order to procure a comfortable and peaceful business zone for its clients.

We aim to provide you the most efficient and the most qualified legal solutions both for your eventual legal issues and the issues that you have already faced.